Friday, April 11, 2008

Point/Shoot: An Ode to Small Moments

Some days you feel different. One's blog post should match that phenomenon. Today's post is a medley of moments recently found on my memory card and my late night reactions to them (which I'll probably regret in the morning).

Ode to the Welded Spinning Pinwheel
Best shot of the week--
clang of iron
shifting bone
fired clay
I will miss you, Zion.

Ode to Alice, Who Lets Me Play With Her Hair Sometimes
Your blonde around bobbypin
for the evening.
Your entertainment, however, is unceasing.

Ode to Rusted Rock
All my best poems
have been written
about red
sands sifting.

For a fraction
of this space we call being,
everything is warm.

Ode to Someday
One day you will squint and blink
and look only to that
line drawn between the earth and the sky.
For now, though,
those eyes stay focused
on what is placed
directly in front of them.
And that is exactly as it should be.

Ode to 24 Tulips in Three Mason Jars
Spring must be arriving
in her shy-blush,
quiet way
when you show up on my kitchen table.


LovingTheChaos said...

Love the tulips. :) And Alice's hair!

Alice said...

Love all the pictures. Well done my friend. I am impressed.

I miss Zion
I love that baby
and those tulips make me smile everytime I walk in the kitchen.

Jen said...

Fantastic. I wish my tulips looked that nice. I think I planted them to shallowly and they are total dwarfs!

Mrs. Bennett said...

I love love the picture of Alice. You should be a professional hair-doer.