Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh Yes, I Really AM that Good

I am a woman of many hidden talents, kids. While I may write at the junior high read-ability level, I'm on fire with my WPM!

99 words

Speed test

How did you get so speedy? you might ask. I chock it up to my days as a "Classified Ad-visor" at the local newspaper. Every weekday at five found me frantically entering as many call-in/faxed-in/mailed-in ads as I could before deadline hit. And, of course, all those lovely AH CRAP! Term paper. Due. Tomorrow. It's 11. Lab closes at midnight! moments I had in my college heyday. Those were a master-procrastinatorio kind of way.

And yes, if you look at the time stamp, it really is Friday night at precisely 10:14 pm. Am I out having fun? Oh noooo, I worked late and then came home for some quality Rookie-Pajama time and watched The Truman Show on TBS. That is, of course, until I strutted my stuff over to the computer for a little blogging action and the ever-important type test. I am the epitome of old, dorky school marm. I flaunt it.


LovingTheChaos said...

We all have to have SOMETHING to brag about! ;) J/k I'm totally jealous. I'm at a slow 65 WPM...and I too was an classified advisor! Oh well. :)

by-the-way...bug was at school when we went to the dinosaur park...but it's all good because I am going with her on her class field trip there this week. :)

Heidi said...

School Marm? Just the use of that term made you infinitely cooler. At least in my book.

But then I'm pretty dorky, so you know . . .

Alice said...

Well pin a rose on your nose. I only did 47, but then again you were looking over my shoulder putting the pressure on. Excuses Excuses huh?

really I am just slow.

As far as your Friday night activities, you are soo much cooler than you think.

But maybe I am partial?

Heidi said...

Don't sweat it. If you want to veg in your pj'd that is cool because you can't go clubbing every night or you will soon look like break down Brittany.

And I suck at typing just so you know.

silvernic said...

54! I made my wife type all of my term papers. I bet she's fast!

Anonymous said...

I type 28 words per minute, and I am darn proud of it. This is precisely why you will not see many words on my blog, it takes too much of my precious time.