Monday, January 17, 2011

In which I announce I'm tweeting and share some links

First of all, Stephanie introduced me to this gem of a blog. Well Hello There Lover happens to be one of my newest obsessions. It is up there with Missed Connections. I simply cannot get enough of these short epistles of love and infatuation.

Secondly, I'm now tweeting. Yes, my friends, I've joined the legions of Twitter. My tweets are protected, but please, please request to follow me and I will do likewise. I'm new to the medium but cannot wait to figure out this particular/peculiar new (to me) social network. You can find me
And, though I mentioned this on twitter, the following habit is going to be a tough one to break. Slate Magazine (via Kristy) has informed me that there is only to be one space after a period. My world is quite shattered with this information. To spend these 29 plus years thinking I was so absolutely correct only to discover I am wrong. What else shall I learn about surety?


Jen said...

The one space thing after a period thing was a real drag for me also. I had a really hard time breaking the habit!

I will add you on twitter soon. I log in about once a month or less often. I'm not a good twit.

Lildonbro said...

...You were right once upon a time cause that's how I learned it in school. I will still put two spaces though, because like to think I am a rebel.

Stephanie said...

I stopped using two periods years ago. Was I forward thinking or just wrong?

Lindsay Kay said...

Both of those blogs have a brand new follower...named ME! Well, named Lindsay Kay (technically speaking). I love your blog, too, Rookie. Just thought you should know. And I heard about that double space thing when I started graphic design. I should've shared earlier...sorry.

Libby said...

In one of my early tech writing class, my teacher was the mayor of one space after a period. She would probably give a student an F for one mistake in this regard. Therefore, I hopped on that train post haste. Now I prefer the look of one little space. Two seems too much.

Nerdsville-Population: Me

P.S. It's also one space after a colon nowadays!