Thursday, February 18, 2010

that which baffles also answers question

The Roommate and I have noticed a recent trend in our excursions around town any time prior to four p.m. The following scenario has become something of a motif in our Saturday lunching adventures.

It goes something like this: Cute girl--dressed nicely, lip-glossed with earrings dangling, hair clearly worked over. Cute girl who clearly went out of her way, wore her favorite jeans, meticulously thought out this day's apparel. Cute girl finds herself on a "daytime-friend-date" with what could potentially be an attractive male. However: basketball shorts, slip-on sandals and an appearance that manifests the boy is clearly unshowered and unkempt hides this possibility. Furthermore, the outside observer notices he is anything but interested whereas she keeps looking for clues indicating his interest.

This really happens. All the time in the city in which I live. The living, breathing catastrophe never loses its pity-inducing capacity.

And I'm left to wonder. How does this happen?

What gives? How does that guy actually think himself her better?

I mean, really. You can't take the time to present yourself? You're actually staring at other girls? You couldn't even bother to brush your teeth?

And, cute girl, what are you thinking? Do you see this guy? He is a mess. You are better than this. Better than this indifferent slob.

It would seem that all parties involved in this train wreck dynamic are lying to themselves and I can't quite avoid staring.

This repeated and repeated once again story of unrequited love and dishelved indifference baffles me. And simultaneously answers the ever-present question: why am I still single?


Jen said...

I am at a loss as to the reasons behind these conundrums. However, your picture reminded me of this:

Alice said...

Honestly, all I can say is WTF? Does that make me hip?

Do you think I have been found in this scenario?

Alice said...

and was oblivious?

Anonymous said...

Because you're to good for all of those un-kept guys. You need to get out of your venue, NC would be an idea, June, about a month maybe longer. What do you say?

(Are there any guys out there who do still care to have respect for themselves and the girls they date? And where is these girls respect for themselves? Girls, you deserve better!)