Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things You May or May Not Care to Know

I don't feel like I have time for a decent blog post lately. I should really remedy that, but instead I'll just give you seeds of what I could go off on, but don't have the writing energy in which to fully invest myself:

I'm leaving town tomorrow. To this place to see my sister and her loverlies that just keep growing. I can hardly wait. And yet my homebody self can't help but feel the slightest itch of anxiety over what I'll miss on the home front.

One of my two favorite weekends out of the year (and weekends, as you probably know, are already up there on my happiness list) is coming. General Conference for my religion of choice is a time of renewal, a time of strengthening. I can hardly wait.

It might be my own short/chubby/shapeless gams, but I've found myself attracted the male variety's legs lately. Specifically long calves and good knees. Weird? Perhaps. But I'm appreciatin' over here.

The air that stagnates before a storm system moves in is absolutely disgusting.

Preparing for vacations can be overwhelming and yet so worth it.

What is it with people and cell phones in inappropriate places? I read today that during a LIVE theater performance, a cell phone went off in the midst of an intense scene and Hugh Jackman had to break character to ask the person if they were going to pick it up. Seriously?

What kind of styling product do you think Conan O'Brien uses? That thing on his head has some serious volume. I'm just saying.

And I'm spent. Peace out blogosphere.


InkMom said...

Enjoy your visit to NC -- we sure love living here!

Alice said...

Have fun on your trip friend. I am jealous that I won't be along for the festivities.

I have a specific coworker who ALWAYS answers her vocera (like a walkie-talkie) in the middle of meetings and is SO LOUD!! She never steps in to the hall like a normal person and then proceeds to talk to whoever it is over everyone. SO ANNOYING. Yet she thinks texting is the rudest thing ever. I know people can loose their manners with such habits, but hello kettle!?

I too heart nice man legs ;)

Jen said...

I'm very fond of the illustration in this post (as with the rest of it as usual.)

Have a fun trip!

Rie Pie said...

Yay, another man leg fetish girl!! Next are the shoulders. Those two places are yummy.

I really enjoy the posts that have more that one subject.
Great post. Just saying.

Libby said...

I read about that Hugh Jackman thing-pretty funny.

I hope you have a great trip. I love the Carolinas. Maybe because Dawson's Creek was filmed there. Just kidding. Wait-did I accidentally admit to watching that?!