Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Never a Dull Day

Lately I've been wondering if I'd rather be stuck in a cubicle answering complaint phone calls about the Kinoki Foot Pad sham than deal with what's been going on around here. I think I'm cursed this year. Perhaps the insanely good view of park and the city and everything west of me is too good to be true.

Two weeks ago a bird of an unusual size (okay, it was a magpie, but a magpie with an insane bladder capacity) flew in through my classroom window. It scared me and I squeeled like a girl. My squeeling provoked a defecation debacle of epic proportions. Thankfully my office door shuts and I could watch out the window as the bird finally figured out how to EXIT through its unwelcomed entrance. Even more blessed: the kids were all gone.

Last week, running a bit behind, I began sprinting to catch the elevator up to my room. Acceleration was apparently a bad idea: the same calf muscle that had been a sore, tight ball for weeks made a wretched popping noise, gave out on me, then swelled with an unbearable ache. My google diagnosis leads me to believe it is a slight tear on the calf muscle. It is feeling much better now. The "injury" did allow me to move from the stair-stepper at the gym (Personal Trainer Toothpick Heidi's idea) to the bike while it heals.

Yesterday, only 15 minutes into first period, and a student went into a full seizure. It was both frightening and heart-crushing. Being the one person in the room who supposedly knows what to do made me acknowledge my adult-ness in new ways.

Today there was a fire alarm during first period. While lining up classes down on the field, a fight broke out. It was the scary kind of fight. The kind of fight where lanky math teachers trying to do the right thing fall victim. The kind of fight that's been going on long before the school year, a rivalry between impoverished boys of different colors that never seems to end.

I can't help but wonder what is coming next. Am I being prepared for something even worse?

I'd like to call this one "Irony".


Rie Pie said...

Poor Rookie. What a chain of terrible incidents. Hopefully the school year, torn muscles, birds, school kids, and all the rest will be able to simmer down.

I love the irony pic at the bottom. Hollywood is a bunch of lies.

Stephanie said...

Oh, Rookie. As it is my personal Year of Platitudes, I offer this: That which does not kill us makes us stronger. I hope your week goes better! (((HUGS)))

Stine said...

Wow girl. That is a laundry list of crazy. How's your leg feeling? You icing it? And scary about the fight. And as for the seizure, gives you good experience for the future.

Terresa said...

I feel the same way lately. My husband was stung by a scorpion early this morning. And my reaction? First surprise, then concern, then anger. "Why do these things have to happen?" I asked him. His reply? "It's life." Gah! Being an adult and acknowledging our adult-ness still ties me up in knots. We're supposed to be the "responsible" ones when all I want to do with stuff my face with chocolate, read a book, or throw a fit.

Hopefully this coming week will be a better one. (fingers crossed)