Monday, December 22, 2008

Mr. Darcy, I'd Like You to Meet the Competition

Water Bottle?




Red Vines?




Fuzzy "Monster" Socks?


Two week vacation from the adolescents?

Check (and a resounding, harmonious rendition of "The Halleluia Chorus").

The first half of the BBC's North and South?


This is what bliss looks like.

I swooned.

I haven't swooned in...well, ever, really. But swoon I did watching this. I blame it on the subtle, killer of a soundtrack...and perhaps that Richard Armitage as the haunted Mr. Thornton. I cannot wait until the second half arrives in the mail (though I may have cheated and looked ahead on youtube just a little bit). Should I be ashamed at the pitifulness of it? Because I'm not. What is it with BBC and the entirety of their female literary canon looking in on my adolescent diaries and spitting out films mirroring my frivolous young fantasies?

Yes, Mr. Darcy, meet Mr. Thornton. It is a toss up. No one can tell which of you smolders hottest with your brooding white heat. But oh the fun of comparing!

Now, onto the important things:

Laundry completed, presents wrapped, Christmas shopping done?



Wemdu Pea said...

I'm SO excited! You are bringing this movie to me...right? I need a good swoon too. :)

Confessions of a Music Loving Bookworm said...

SWOON? ok i may be only young but i have seen the word SWOON. can you please clarify that for me? Oh and what is this movie about might i ask, because Mr. Darcey i have seen in all the movies, and the books. ANd i like him very much, even if he ain't a EDWARD! hey you should see my post about my b-day. You will LOVE it!

Jen said...

Love and own that film.

On an unrelated note, as a fellow conspiracy theorist, do you have any theories about who is behind Seriously So Blessed? I think I may have formulated a theory today...

silvernic said...

Every once in a while I'm tempted to stop reading this blog!

Confessions of a Music Loving Bookworm said...

WAIT WHAT ABOUT EDWARD???!!?!?!?! Oh and it was a beautiful song you sang to me yesterday, on my birthday!

The Rookie said...

Jen, I'm dying to know of your theories on SSB.

Nic, tempted though you may be, the truth is you get an added perspective on the female psyche here. I wouldn't doubt that you ran out and purchased this very film for your wife for Christmas.

Rie Pie said...

Hi!! I finished all of it on youtube!! Thanks so much for bringing this romantic masterpiece into my life. It is my favorite movie ever. And I did more than swoon. I joined the armitage army, which is a fan base listed about how much we women love the Richard. And, oh, how I love the Richard.
ps. that vicor of dilbey is a two episode movie. Ummmm....ebay

Jocelyn & Daniel said...

Loved it. Got it from the library literally the minute I read your blog, my husband was there already and I had him pick it up. I watched it all the way through and loved it. I can't believe I hadn't seen it before! So good.