Sunday, November 16, 2008

I've HAD IT with the Singles Ward!

That is all.  I am done being single.  I am done with the ridiculous games and the linger longer activities.  I am done with Break the Fast.  I am done with FHE.  I am done with full-of-themselves EQP's and BFN's (sorry, Alice is probably the only one out there who will get this, but...oh, okay.  It stands for "Beer Flavored Nipples" and it is entirely inappropriate and in reference to The Ten Things I Hate About You and in every ward there is a BFN who dates everyone, EVERYONE, and people don't seem to get that they are a player and jump from one victim/conquest to another for the mere challenge of we call them BFN's because there must be something there that we don't see).  I am done with pettiness.  I am done with the meat market.  I am done with the Singles Ward.

I have come to the conclusion that this is in my stars:

Yes, today I give up and resign myself to the future of a bitter, lifeless HAG.


Alice said...

hehehehe oh kid. I am sick of the games and nonsense myself. I think people forget how crazy that place really can be. Think of the characters we have met in such a place?

I am sorry it is one of those days. Don't give up kid. But don't give in to those bone heads in our ward either. I promise they aren't your type. ;) (Hello handcarts? NO WAY! And if it isn't handcarts, it's their issues. Their crazy issues!)

Why do I have to be such a dumb girl?


The Lathrop's said...

You definitely have a way with words - LOVE it!

Wemdu Pea said...

What the heck is coming out of your chin? You need a big set of tweezas!

I love you!

Jen said...

I went out with a BFN once. He hocked a loogie out the window. I was complaining about it to the girls, and it turned out he had done it on a date WITH SOMEONE ELSE TOO!!!

Rie Pie said...

sometimes it's nice to get played by the player... ya know.

Don't be the bitter HAG... that is the married women's job.

The Rookie said...

Jen, I just shivered a little. But maybe that is WHY he gets around, right? Because he can never get a second date after that fancy phlegm act.