Monday, July 14, 2008

One of Many Geeky Talents Which English Teachers Possess

(With my deepest apologies to the Bard himself)

I hear iambic pentameter's out
I should leave it to that Willy Shakespeare
(if you even know what I'm talkin' about).
If you don't see any news this week, don't fear--
I shall be half a fortnight on the road
for a three act adventure with me mum.
In future blogs, great stories shall be told:
"I made it alive" or "Cyrano got some!"
Things like, "That shrew Kate, does P-troosh beat her?"
Until then I will be out, off and gone
Wait for news from the City of Cedar
and Les Miserable (whoop) at Tuacahn!

The Bard's swift words which offer fun for all
(at) The Utah Shakespearean Festival!

See you in a few days. I'm heading to the Utah Shakespearean Festival and onto the Tuacahn Amphitheater with my mom (let us all pray that I survive the ride in the car). Oh, and please forgive my lame attempts at a Shakespearean Sonnet with shady iambic pentameter at best. I simply couldn't resist.


Alice said...

Bravo. Nicely done my friend :) I am sure he would be proud. You seriously are too funny.

Hope you and your mom are having a good time.

Jen said...

I've been meaning to get up the Shakespearean Festival for many years, but I have only managed to go once to see the Foreigner. It was well worth the drive to Cedar City.

And Tuacahn generally does not disappoint either. I hope your jaunt to my corner of the state is lovely!

Stacy said...

That sounds fun!! Thanks for the entertainment.