Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Things We Do When We Can't Sleep

If you notice the time stamp on this post, perhaps you will recognize that I cannot sleep. I mean to sleep. I feel tired. But, apparently, my brain does not. Counting sheep got boring, and I fear sleep aids because my mother has had me convinced from an early age that all drugs, from heroine to tylenol to cough drops, ALL DRUGS are addicting. So I removed myself from the comfort of my warm but sleepless bed because, as mentioned, my brain won't shut up. And--because my brain won't shut up--I started thinking about the fact that I once read somewhere that your bed will become as sleepless as Seattle if you allow it to become an area for engaging in awake activities (like reading, watching television, eating...and according to my logic lying there plagued by sleep depriving thinking). I hated the idea of turning my bed into a sleepless spot, so I went to the living room and clicked on the television. Ever notice how at 12:30 at night there isn't much on TV?

So I surfed through the late late shows. I surfed through bad reality TV and infomercials. (By the way, have you seen these? Got to admit, I'm tempted). I avoided HBO altogether. I surfed until I found this show on PBS. This particular episode took its hosts to Northwestern India, near Delhi. Many of you may not know this, but "India" happens to be my response to that silly get-to-know-you-lame-game-of-an-icebreaker question: "Where would you travel if you could go anywhere in the world?" And I really do want to go to India. And to Banff, Canada. And to Europe. And all over Ireland. And on a cruise (or two or three). And to Greece. And on a Church History tour (sorry for the Mo-mo-jargon). And to the Galapagos Islands. And to Peru. And to New York City. And to China. And to one of those massage/mudbath/facial/desert located/wheat grass drinks by the private pool kind of resorts. Point is, I want to travel. So I found this site. And I added up what it would cost to go all the places I want to go.

And I don't have enough money!

And when I say I don't have enough money, I mean that even if I moved into my parents' basement, cashed in my pitiful excuse for a 401k, if all my debt were mysteriously and magically forgiven, even if I donated my plasma every week, took on a second job, AND never purchased anything from here or here again, I'd still not have enough money.

So, here it is nearly two in the morning and I'm still awake AND a little bummed about the not enough money to fulfill my traveling hopes and dreams situation. Which gets me back to thinking. Things like maybe I should look into auditioning for The Amazing Race. Or that maybe I should email a few celebrities requesting that they refrain from Option A: buying just one little purse or handbag this week and choose, instead, Option B: sending that small amount my way for a travel fund. Or how I need to narrow it down to one choice (like, say, "India"), and make a plan for saving up the 6k plus buckaroos it'd take to travel there, and perhaps focus on convincing a travel buddy that India is The Place To Be in about five years. And hopefully in five years inflation hasn't pushed it to 10k plus buckaroos. And hopefully five years from now I'm not having a wedding or pregnant or hit by a Fed Ex truck filled with exotic tomatoes.

Which brings me to the "What about you?" Over what do you fret when the sleep just won't come? And am I the only one out there who is this neurotic? And, more importantly, do you want to go to India with me in, say, about five years?


Mrs. Bennett said...

Hey girl. I've traveled. And you can do it. You just have to find deals! Get a part time job working for an airline and fly for practically free. Or Jet Blue is great - Plane tickets to NYC a few years ago were only about 100 bucks, and then stay with a friend for free (or hostels). I haven't been to India though and Dave and I both really want to go. And when I can't sleep - I watch TV too, or stick in a movie until I'm out.

Alice said...

We totally need to plan a trip or two. But as you know, my funds are a pitiful thing to discuss. It doesn't seem right that I am totally "underemployed" yet I have 3 jobs? Ugh!

We can check off the East coast once your sister moves there this summer. Our church history tour can be accomodated with your aunt Mary Ellen, she has already offered. Your other sis is headed back to Europe, we totally need to venture to see her this time. Look at all the hook-ups you have. Am I invited? As far as India, Peru, or other exotics...well, we just need to pick one at a time, save our money, and just do it.

Or do they accept VISA in India?

Maybe we need to look into the Amazing Race.

LovingTheChaos said...

I'm up for the cruise or two or three! :) After I get done with school we are on our way!

You rock sister 'o mine.

HAD said...

I think it would be awesome to go on amazing race. I would sign up if I didn't have two kids. Cruises are fun I have been on two and you can always find good deals for them.