Saturday, September 1, 2007

One Week Down

I know, I'm blogging work, work, work lately. But that's what I do lately: work, work, oh, and work. I made it through my first week! It is now, officially a very needed 3-day holiday weekend. Praise Labor Day and its inventors!

So here are the weeks' highlights and lowlights:

First off, on Monday the week began on a sour note. While everybody frantically prepared their first day back, two of the four copiers went on the fritz. Completely broke down. One of them that was working is a RISO machine, so you have to make at least 50 copies (per cost-effective rules) and it neither staples nor collates. The other copier's stapler and collate-er were broken. We were out at least one copier off and on throughout the week. Needless to say, I think the Kinkos a few blocks away must have made out like bandits this past week.

Next, the air conditioner in the school broke on Wednesday. They are "working on it" and we are to "please be patient." Speaking of Labor Day, I told my mother last night that if these were the working conditions that drove the creation of labor laws, than teachers must still be exempt from those laws or something. I work about 10-11 hours a day in that joint--without overtime (salaried). I technically work 7 days a week--you should see the 8" pile of grading waiting for me this weekend. And it is at least 90 degrees 98% of the time. But don't worry. The district has some sweet air conditioning...I actually got cold there the other day.

There are some good things, however. The kids are great. My AP classes are insanely different--I didn't think a class like these existed...and I now have TWO!! This is how good they are: I planned a TON to do the other day and we were done half an hour early. EARLY! Luckily I had more we could do, but it is nuts. I'm not used to NOT being interrupted every 2 minutes by something--the pencil sharpener, note-passing, cell phones, iPods, sleeping, someone putting Ben Gay on their arm because it "feels all tingley--it's cool!" (yes, this did happen). They all do their homework. They raise their hands and make comments that aren't "ummm, yeah, can I go to the bathroom?" It is just surreal. I'm waiting for it all to go awry.

Basically, life is very busy. When I finally get home at six each night, I'm moist, I stink, my hair is tipping toward dread-lockdom, I'm chafed in a few places, my feet hurt, and I'm miserable tired. I forgot all this job takes out of me.

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Alice said...

my goodness! I think all the life without AC these days is to make us grateful for what we once had and remind us of what we defintely can't live without! :)

I am so excited to hear about all your new adventures with your kids this year...both the good ones and the bad ones. I will always remember your lovely student saying..."ummm so if you like have an eating disorder and like you starve yourself? Well does that mean they don't poop?" oh the joys of being 15!