Thursday, February 16, 2012

In which I whine as an excuse for my extended absence.

Yes, I still exist. I'm still here.

All I really wanted to drop by for is to let whoever is still reading know that there are days I'd rather stay at home all day and read and make collages and look around on pinterest and blog and go for a walk in the park and take naps and cook and do anything but work two jobs at once. I'd like to catch up on my overwhelming laundry. I'd like my house to look like I do something besides wrinkle the bed, diminish the toothpaste supply, leave dirty clothing piles in the bedroom and used tupperware in the kitchen sink. I'd like my life back.

But, as of this moment, I'm putting on my big girl panties and becoming a grown up who pays off her debt.

This will all be worth it one day, right? Right?


silvernic said...

Hey stranger! Where is the second job at?

Shannon said...

Yes, in all of your spare time, do tell about your 2nd job. I'm proud of you for working so hard.

Jen said...

You go girl! I just applied for a job so I could work at the same goal for my husband's school debt!