Sunday, September 11, 2011

favorite things

Sometimes it isn't fair to be 30 and single. It isn't fair to have crushes like you're still 13, armpits sweating in said crush's presence. It isn't fair to still be in a singles' ward with people who: A. graduated this year and, B. will probably marry before you will--maybe even this year (2011 has to be big for somebody).

Sometimes it feels impossible to remember how blessed you really are. Or that, were you to have married the same year you graduated, your life wouldn't be as beautiful as it currently is. Still, sometimes it doesn't feel fair.

Sometimes, however, the thing that can make your pity-party kind of day much better is a little Sound of Music action.

I double dare you to watch it and not feel even just a little bit better.


Shannon said...

i, too, think that is hardly fair. and i, too, have been having a few hardly fair moments as of late. life just doesn't turn out the way one would expect it to. but it always turns out. it is a good life. and you're right; sound of music makes it better. thanks for sharing your thoughts. may the worst of 2011 die a thousand deaths.

Libby said...

Yikes to recents hs grads in your ward. That sounds absolutely awful. Maybe one of these days someone will create a special singles ward just for the lame teeny boppers and another for regular, normal people who've figured life out a little more.

Until then, we'll look forward to brown paper packages tied up with string!!

P.S. Speaking of girly-type shows, I think you recommended North and South (a hundred years ago). Just finished it. I give it a B-that girl kinda bugged me and Brendan Coyle kept reminding me that I'd rather be watching the new season Downton Abbey (which I wish would just come out already!).

Mrs. Bennett said...

You're right - had you married the same year you graduated, your life wouldn't be as beautiful! And you wouldn't be you. But it still stinks. And I love love love sound of music, and Captain Von Trapp!

Jen said...

If you had married the year you graduated, you would have a much higher likelihood of divorcing. If both spouses are 19 or younger, the odds are 90%.

Sorry to throw out that dreadful statistic when you picked such a lovely thought. I LOVE The Sound of Music, and own it on VHS! I used to listen to the Cassette Tape when I went to sleep.