Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Letters that Need Writing

Dear Summer Cold,

You stink. At least I think you do. I can't really smell at the moment. But if I could, I'm quite certain you would stink.


Dear Garden (specifically the tomatoes),

Please grow. I'm begging you here. What's it going to take? Need I open a vein a la
Little Shop of Horrors?

A First Timer

Dear Cardigan Sweaters,

Without your loveliness I'm quite certain I'd go naked--or at least have more morning "I've nothing to wear!" tantrums.

Your Biggest Fan

Dear Pinterest,

You're sucking more of my time away than necessary. I can't say I mind all that much.

The one who can't help but smile and celebrate

Dear Best Friend,

Happy 29th Birthday this week! I'm happy you were born. I might be a hot mess without you in my world.

"Little Pinch"

P.S. I dare say it is time for a new blog post in your neck of the woods. Just a (kind of pushy) thought.

Dear Snow in the Mountains,

You're cramping my hiking style. And I hear you're going to wreak some serious flooding havoc down in the valleys.

Not a skier, not a fan

Dear New Second Job,

You're really not all that shabby as long as I don't think about missing out on my lovely summer. Nonetheless, thank you for helping me pay off debt. Thank you for making my travel dreams seem like a possibility. Thank you for not being in retail. I'll hope my appreciation lasts even as school starts up again (eeks!).

The New Girl at Work

Dear AP Kiddos of 2010-2011,

I kind of miss you. But in order for me to bid a gleeful farewell to my obnoxious 9th graders, you and I had to part ways as well. Bummer. Please don't forget me.

Your favorite English teacher of the moment

Dear Body,

Take this plateau and shove it. No, really. It is rather frustrating.


Dear Target,

It is a love/hate thing with you and me, isn't it? Why must everything about you be so tempting?

Weak to your wily ways

Dear Writing,

It has been far too long. I miss you. Let's change that, shall we?


Dear Chris O'Dowd,

You're giving Javier a run for his money. Good boy.

A Bit Smitten


Libby said...

Oh my dear girl, you never fail at putting a smile on my face. I'm so curious about your new job. What could it be...?

Wendy said...

Dear Sister,

I Love, love, love you! Life would be boring and miserable without you and your wit.

Thanks for sharing,