Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dear Friends,

I'm working on it. This whole blogging thing. Really.

It's just, I've had teaching and grading and playing and living to do. I've started a garden. I tilled the earth. Tilled with a shovel and my own strength, I tell you. I've been cooking more. I'm counting down the days to Cancun.

Life's busy and this 30 days of birthday celebration business was, quite honestly, an unrealistic goal I'm totally going to accomplish in one form or another.

Have patience, if you will. (I'm overrating the significance of my blog's role in your life, no?)

In the meantime, some rand-awesome thoughts I've been having:

1. An official state firearm, Utah. Really?

2. My suave and savvy, hip, amazeballs, too-cool-for-me AP students have designed a screen-print t-shirt design for our class. An AP t-shirt, folks! It features Henry David Thoreau. I'll show you all how trendy I am when I print mine and wear it the day of the exam (and thereafter). I feel like a celebrity: my class was cool enough in their eyes that they want a souvenir of the experience when it is over.

3. My birthday party featured balloons, gnome-esque party hats, Japanese food, ice cream, and good friends. I'll share the experience in pictures with you soon. Shout out to Alice for making it the best 30th a girl could ask for.

4. I spent as much on trashy dirt and rabbit poop (i.e. "compost") as I did on gasoline the other day. Both purchases are wrong on so many levels.

5. Cancun is coming! Cancun is coming!

6. I took the colors personality test a few weeks ago during a hang-out session with some good new gal pals in the ward and discovered that I'm not only a blue through and through (which I already knew), but I'm also very strongly a YELLOW? Say what? I've subsequently spent the past several weeks saying things to poor Alice like, "I did that because I'm a yellow." "I need party hats for my birthday because I'm a show-off yellow." It probably annoys her, but because I'm a yellow I sort of don't care that much.

7. The Adjustment Bureau = totally lame ending! Matt Damon's presence on the screen kind of made up for it.

8. Did you know that for two months out of the year I walk around spouting quotes from Romeo and Juliet in my mind (and sometimes out loud)? Yes, yes it is true. That's what happens when you've read it/taught it/watched it multiple times a day for those two months over the course of five years. It gets worse every year. February and March equate "[t]wo households both alike in dignity in fair Verona..." Furthermore, that poor little story is a REALLY awful plot line. One of Shakespeare's worst. And yet, so often copied.

9. Springing forward isn't my strong suit.

10. To make it an even 10, I think the first counselor in my bishopric is quite possibly the coolest man around. Word on the street is that he gave a 45 minute rant-lecture to all the fellas in our ward during priesthood meeting on Sunday about how lazy they are in regard to dating and the like. He said it is "time to push the reset button." Apparently between now and June our ward is practicing dating one another. Personally, I'm looking forward to extra-good people watching in sacrament over the next few weeks. I also think that my church needs to hire this guy as an official spokesperson who visits all singles wards. He could do firesides or something.

P.S. Sorry for all the uber-LDS slang in this post.
P.P.S. I'm really do promise to do SOMETHING about my birthday posts.


Libby said...

Well, my dear, you've been missed.

I look forward to your birthday posts, and Cancun coverage!!

Shannon said...

I've been wondering what happened to all of those birthday posts...even checked my rss feed to make sure something mysterious hadn't happened. Glad you'll be back soon.
SO GLAD your birthday was amazeballs. So glad you used the word amazeballs.

Alice said...

Can't wait for more birthday posts, even if your birthday is over ;)

A few other random thoughts:
Utah firarm=LAME
AP shirt? You are obviously cool.
Yes, you do have "yellow"
Matt Damon looked hot.
Brother P = awesomeness.