Monday, February 14, 2011

Countdown to 30: Day Four

Once upon a time
I was blonde-ish, bald-ish, and kind of doofy looking:

But guess what?

They kept me anyway.

Maybe because I matched the set?

And then I turned into someone even doofier looking:
(But Grandma and Grandpa insisted I stay.)

Unfortunately, I only got a little bit doofier:

And then it went from bad to worse:
(My mother chose my glasses. But you never would have guessed that on your own.)

Until I turned into a beautiful swan.

Then again, maybe not:


Alice said...

I love all these pictures. It is so fun to see your "doofy" self. I also kind of love those glasses, or maybe it's more of the sassy pose?

Libby said...

Oh dear, this is hilarious. Love, love, loving the birthday posts.

I agree that all families are at least a little bit crazy. Some (like mine) a lot a bit crazy!

I never knew that your parents eloped. How sassy of them.

The post about trees was gorgeous! Makes me itch for green leaves.

Wendy said...

Mullets unite! Business up front, party in the! ;)