Tuesday, September 28, 2010


That is how many mosquito bites I received on Sunday night at a family get together held in the great outdoors of Alice's aunt's backyard.

27 in 2 hours.

Why do the damned things love me so much?



Lildonbro said...

That picture makes me want to vomit. I hate those little guys!

I'll tell you what people always told me, it's cause you are so sweet! Of course...they barely bite me now - wonder what that says about me.

Sephalo said...

Cause you're juicy and sweet!

Yum Yum!

Shannon said...

Not cool.
I hear alcohol rub helps. Maybe because it dries out all the nerves...good luck, and whatever you do, DON'T scratch.

Shannon said...

I meant rubbing alcohol. Eesh. It's been a day.

Jen said...

Because you are SO delicious. I met your Alice at the hospital while I was meeting my new niece! She seems very nice!

Shannon said...

Was it at my mom's house? Sorry! That sucks. She has a lot of those evil bugs at her house. I love autumn too. I can't wait for it to cool down here. Jacket weather is my favorite.