Thursday, June 24, 2010

...and I feel fine

The iTunes are on random--an anthem of summer--reminding me of songs I forget about.

I'm loading photos on facebook in an album I'm calling "and the livin' is easy" in celebration of summertime bliss.

Tomorrow I am done with this 2 week conference (that I won't--will NOT, I say--participate in next year--I refuse--and am making this promise to myself now so I stick to it!).

Tomorrow is also Alice's birthday.

Saturday I head for Capitol Reef National Park for some red rock-blue sky action, hiking, swimming, reading, laughing and relaxation to celebrate her day? our friendship? Summer.

I slipped on shoes that clash to go get the mail and laughed the whole time.

I'm debating between a movie and a hike tonight. Either will make me unutterably happy.

And everything is green, lovely, worth celebrating.

* image found here.


Shannon said...

happy summer to you, my friend. enjoy your vacation. tell us all about it when you return.

Jen said...

We are going to I Hanksville this weekend. I will think of you while in the same 50 mile radius, I think?

Libby said...

Hurray for summertime feelings. I love the I-Pod on random. Just yesterday I rediscovered some fun favorites from about six summers ago. Oh the memories. I hope you have a great trip. And give Alice a "happy birthday" from me!

silvernic said...

I woke up this morning and said to myself, "You know who's awesome? The Rookie is awesome!"