Wednesday, May 28, 2008

White Trash Wednesday: La-Move

Meet my go cart.
She is a 1992 Geo Prizm better known as La-Move
(long story, or at least a rather boring one).

She features all the bells and whistles including:

*A billowing Maharaja-inspired drape ceiling bunched elegantly at the ineffective dome light.

*One dashboard confessional:

*A jimmy-rig-me-up misaligned driver's side window..."I'll go down but you will have to get halfway in and halfway out of the car with your booty shimmying as you shift me into place at the bank's drive-up window because that's not embarrassing at all."

*A CD/Radio combo with the potential to sometimes swallow CD's, other times...not so much. My current mix CD has been in for about five months now...and a tricky short in the air ducts (the a/c and defrost sometimes don't turn on until reaching a minimum of 65 mph with the setting at outside air):

*One dented side (who knows how it was dented, I woke up one morning and there you have it).

*Ever-so-atractive peeling lightning decals:

Fact: La-Move is my first car.
Fact: I've had her since 2001.
Fact: She is older than most of my students
Fact: I paid a mere $2500 cash money for this baby.
Fact: She's been in four fender benders since I've owned her, two of which were my fault (and one might have involved a group of students in the other car...because that's not embarrassing at all).
Factual Observation: I think she runs on tithing and regular oil changes.

She has been a great car but I can't help but wonder if my "No Car Payments Here!" lucky streak is coming to an end. I think I'll just drive her into the ground...or to that point where she starts to nickel and dime me.

One More Fact: I think I'm terrified of owning a new car.


Heidi said...

Honey. No inspiration needed--you will need a new car soon.

Anything with lightning decals is on its last legs. . .

LovingTheChaos said...

You've had a long no-car-payment run...but I too think the times are changin'.

You can do what ma's vitamin toting horse-lady did. She got a car from a place where if you put there sticker in your back window, advertising for them around town, they will pay your down and if someone else buys a car from them who you sent...they pay your payment that month. :)'s been a great car. I'll miss her too. Drive her until you break down in the 100 degree heat of summer on the highway somewhere! :)

silvernic said...

You should be a motorcycle! I can totally see you as a biker chick!

Stine said...

I can kinda see you as a biker chick too. Reminds me of the 1984 yellow Datsun Bev owned in the 80's where if you went over a bump too hard the windshield wipers would start wiping and the driver's seat would fall completely backwards giving one a killer ab workout trying to do a sit-up in time to see where you were going and not crash.

You need some fuzzy dice.

Check out my hands pics on my blog.

Jen said...

Buy a Toyota. I loooooove my Toyota. My first car was an 88 toyota Camry. It was so completely glorious. I now own an 03 Corolla that is the same colors as the other one because I was so obsessed with the other car and its fabulousness.

And I second the fuzzy dice.

Heidi said...

I lobe La Move. I can't believe you still have that car. I guess though if it gets you where you need to be why replace it. Your sister "stine's" comment made me laugh. I remember my Datsun Nustad. Those were some good times man.

Adele said...

You don't need a "new" car -- just a car. What you have is an antique that if you save it within 10 years it will be worth millions. I pray I live to see the day you are driving a cute little hybrid or something similar!! No motorcyles. Your mother is speaking!!!

Lanie Painie said...

Hold on to that little baby and start making a car payment into savings account. Maybe by the time her time comes, you'll have enough for something else!

I also love my Toyota!

What kind of mileage do you get with La-Move? I bet it's rockin'! How many miles does she have on her? I had over 210,000 on my Beula before I gave up on her!

Ashley said...

Your car is a trooper! I wish I didn't have a car payment. I totally can see you out shimmying trying to roll the window up! :)

Kimmy said...

I'm living on the eternal hope that my car will make it through the summer. No car payment is sooo nice. Maybe if your lluck continues to hold out, so will mine. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you because nobody could love your little La-Move like you do and she needs you in her final years.