Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Rock Star Boyfriend

Meet Dave.

Dave says "Hi everyone."

Ah, Dave: genius behind the Foo Fighters, tattoo-marked, shaggy-haired, sexy in his waif-like/starving artist frame. Dave: My Rock Star Boyfriend.

Yes, I said "rock star boyfriend." We all have one, or have had one. The rock star boyfriend, of course, is nowhere near the same as a movie star boyfriend. The rock star boyfriend is that special brand of bad boy that is always safe in his unattainability. And while some melt over Eddie Van Halen and others over Justin Timberlake, I have always been partial to Dave.

I don't know what it is. Is it his sense of humor (have you seen the Foo Fighters' music videos, folks)? The gruffness in his voice when he's ripping out an acoustic "Everlong"? The way his greasy hair falls in his face? His ability to play any and every instrument which defines the rock star? I don't know. He's a bit odd-looking, to be sure. Not a pretty boy at all. But he has that extra something that for whatever reason has allowed me to engage in a mature, adult, committed, one-sided rock star relationship. Don't worry, in this rock star relationship there are no posters on my walls or false fantasies of Dave writing a song for me one day. There is merely a deep appreciation for everything he does...and that he is male and I am female. Yes, Dave and I, were we to ever meet, would certainly have chemistry.

Dave says "Ah, honey, that's sweet of you!"

Anytime, Dave. Anytime.

So what about you. Who is your rock star boyfriend? And why?

Oh, and, don't tell Dave, but that deep appreciation can only exist because of his safe distance. See, I once dated a wanna-be rock star. He seemed as close as I would get to my dangerous rock star dreams: shady past, his bed was the floor of his barren apartment located in the scary part of town, a whopping two t-shirts to his name, calloused fingers, the sweep of hair in his face. It all felt so ALTERNATIVE, so DANGEROUS, so MYSTERIOUS. One session of him playing a pitiful acoustic version of the great Jimi Hendrix's "Foxy Lady" (directed, of course, at me, and yes it was as uncomfortable as you might think it would be and yes, I did manage to hold a straight face with much concentration) and the image was gone. Poof. That's all it took. Just like that my dreams of dating an edgy, starving musician disappeared. He became just one more dorky, awkward guy with a guitar. And the bad boy reputation: not so attractive up close.


Ashley said...

He is definitely a good one! I really like Gavin, the lead singer of Bush. (we got B!)

LovingTheChaos said...

Eddie Vedder of 90's grunge Pearl Jam fame all the way! He still melts my budda.

Did you know he did the music for Into the Wild...which is a great movie by-the-way. I watched it last night. :)

Jen said...

I don't have one, since I am married. But my best friend sent me a "boyfriend in a box" where she made up our story and clipped pictures of him from a magazine when I was in college. It was awesome.

Alice said...

Dave is definitely a babe. Something grossly wonderful about him for sure. I think Everlong is what seals the deal for me. That song makes me happy, and well...frankly...a little hot! :) I like to listen to loud in the car. Something theraputic for me.

Thanks Dave, thanks for being so good to the Rookie.

As for your "wanna-be" rock star boyfriend...Pooof! I am glad he wore off and is now singing "Foxy" to someone else!

Cowboy and Indian said...

Dave is a good looking guy!! I wish I could just pick one rock star boyfriend, but quite frankly if they sing a song that I can relate to then I'm hooked...so many rockstar boyfriends, so little time.

Heidi said...

I love Kenny Rogers.

But not since he got stretched, sliced and reformed. Now he looks too much like raw turkey bacon to suit my fancy.

And it was never about his looks anyway. It was all about the songs.

And I like anyone who has anything to do with boy bands. They just make me smile, in a lovely, kitschy kind of way.

Shanda said...

He is awesome, i love him in "the best of you" music video!! I have a big crush on justin timberlake (not really a rock star I know) but he looks like my hubby!!

Shanda said...
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Blackeyedsue said...

Bon Jovi. I want to lick his teeth.

Gina Marie said...

I agree with Ashley. Gavin Rossdale is da bomb! Bush is back, baby!!!

Anonymous said...

The three guys I've been the craziest for are Jon Bon Jovi, Shaun Cassidy and currently David Schmitt of Breathe Carolina. Each on of these guys just has something that draws me in.